Why mentor@
Hire U?

HireU  breaks down barriers so you can make the impact you’ve always wanted – and get paid.

Pay it Forward while getting paid.

Build your network. Build your hiring pool. Build your bank account. All of the above. 

Whatever your reason, your time is valuable.

HireU delivers a way for you to reach aspiring professionals and be compensated for your time. All this without a rubber chicken dinner from the alumni association.

Course Curriculum: Mentors are paid through our Revenue Share program which divides eligible student subscription revenue by course traffic.

One-on-One Engagements: HireU takes a 12% fee.

Three ways to Mentor@ Hire U

“Ain’t Nobody got time for that!” -Everybody

So we made it simple.

Record Informational Interviews

Don’t say “No” to meeting requests. Start scaling your influence.

Answer questions once, share with everyone.

Interview Prep #BestPractices

Design Interview Prep Curriculum, Interactive Workshops, or Q&A Sessions tackling how to get a job at your company.

Virtual One-on-One Coaching

Sometimes old fashioned is best…when brought into the 21st Century.

Mentors set pricing. Students pay a premium for coaching.

Mentor waving at students

Meet our mentors

Everyone needs someone to guide them.
Jacob F.

eCommerce, Amazon

Dan S.

Product, Facebook

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